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My name is Ron Buffington. I am the founder, owner and operator of Liquid HiFi. I began my audio journey years ago and combine over a decade of experience in high end 2 channel, home theater, custom installation and mobile audio to help you with yours. At Liquid HiFi we embrace all things audio and video and share this passion to meet your each and every goal. Whether your need is a full custom installation, or that final component in a hifi system, Liquid HiFi can help. Give us a call today.





Liquid HiFi is dedicated to helping you embrace your passion for music. If you are viewing this web site, you likely share in the passion of highend audio and home theater. Liquid HiFi is an established audio salon based from my South Charlotte, NC home catering to audiophiles, persons who enjoy fine audio and video and those who simply want to hear the music as it was recorded in the comfort of their own home. I have assembled many of the finest products in highend audio, companies who offer an outstanding value for the dollar and many previosly not available in the Charlotte area. Liquid HiFi is here, and ready to meet your any and every audio need. Let us put our many years of experience in systems design, room treatment and component matching to work for you today. Liquid HiFi is pleased to serve the Charlotte and surrounding areas. We work with clients throughout the US so if you do not have a dealer in your area, Liquid HiFi can help!



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